How has COVID-19 affected the global retail industry? How can retailers emerge stronger, more innovative, and purposeful after the battle against the CoronaVirus has been won?

Retailers have to enforce rules to keep shoppers and staffers safe from the coronavirus, creating a far different shopping environment from the pre-pandemic days when crowds of consumers regularly streamed into stores to shop, socialize, and impulse-buy.

“With the fear of Coronavirus spread set to be there for some more time to come, retail outlets may not experience the kind of footfalls they got pre-COVID-19 days. But retailers can provide their customers with a comfort level by maintaining social distance inside their stores with the help of artificial intelligence solutions,” Surender Gounder, Founder & CEO Tango IT India Private Ltd told IANS.

Your customers trust you and your product knowledge, and that relationship creates repeat customers. So how do you keep that relationship and also create new customers without foot traffic? By creating a safer shopping experience! A solution which makes your customers feel safe during these times is crucial for your business to survive Providing a safe working and purchasing environment will provide peace of mind for all. Retailers should enable social distancing and demonstrate to both customers and employees that the store takes their well being very seriously.

This is important since it is where the loyalty of the future may well reside. With increasing options, customer treatment by retailers in these extraordinary times is unlikely to be forgotten and will influence where consumers spend their money.

From shopping malls and restaurants to schools, airports, and hospitals, we will have to observe these measures everywhere if we are to go about our lives again.

The footfall solution can be utilized by authorities to help monitor and enforce the behaviors in streets and public spaces. It can also be a gamechanger for businesses as they deploy new protocols to regain consumer confidence and protect their staff. The insights can even help inform the public of how the measures are being adhered to where they live, as well as when and where they might safely go out.

This way, retailers could get insights in terms of social distancing, quantifiable data — footfalls, average time spent by a shopper a certain section, and concentration areas, which in turn meant buyer interest, in terms of products and collections. A multi-brand retailer would thus be able to understand and monitor real-time social distancing and this data helped them do better business.

“Our retail partners shared their health and safety challenges with us – we listened – and this simple and rapidly deployable solution promoting social distancing is the result,” said Joe Budano, CEO of Indyme, San Diego, Calif. “In situations where adding more people to the equation would only make matters worse, technology solutions like SmartDome can save lives.”

Not only retailers, having to control the number of visitors pose a problem for essential public service providers, such as:
·      Pharmacies
·      Petrol stations
·      Supermarkets
·      Hospitals, clinics, and vet shops
·      Banks
·      Government offices

These businesses cannot provide their services online and require physical visits — which, in turn, may lead to overcrowding. To ensure that people are as spaced out as needed, businesses turn to occupancy monitoring. By measuring, and limiting, the number of people who can visit a location at any one time, companies. This is why footfall counting technologies, or people counters, play an increasingly important role in today’s customer service.

Businesses / Public places are now required to control the number of visitors entering their facility or building. provides IoT enabled Footfall technology which is dedicated to helping public spaces open safely by ensuring real-time social distancing monitoring in a cost-effective and efficient way during the global pandemic.

A complete footfall counting solution with experience, expertise, and a proven enterprise solution You will be able to monitor the safe distancing between customers in each store regularly and take strict corrective measures in time to ensure that government safety regulations are not breached.

Furthermore, footfall solutions provide real-time occupancy monitoring and automated alerts anytime your stores’ occupancy levels reach the maximum allowable levels, enabling you to control how many people can enter and also adjust your staffing levels as required.

The solution can be used by any type of organization, from small and independent stores to malls and large supermarket chains. And with a network of partners across the globe, our solutions are available worldwide.

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