This article is intended to bring light on the entrepreneurial journeys from Mauryan Dynasty to Start-ups of today. While looking for start-up progress in Indian context, I found an amazing series of large failures & few success. Entrepreneurs love their business & hence failures don’t stop them. Let us have clarity on Entrepreneurs’ LSD – Love, Sex & Dhokha.

Flipkart Spends 4 INR for every 1 INR they earn. Someone needs to be clear that what’s going on with this abruption. Is this disruptive way of building start-ups or disruption in the ecosystem?

Chandragupta Maurya, founder of the Maurya dynasty was a start-up leader then & he created Maurya Empire with his vision & mentorship of Chanakya. King Ashoka his grandson who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent but what lasted today is Buddhism & not his conquered legacy.

As per Wiki , Legend says that one day after the war was over, Ashoka ventured out to roam the city and all he could see were burnt houses and scattered corpses. It is a pious relationship of humans to work together & live together, all it demands from entrepreneur is clear vision & mission.

A 5 minute read last year on Ankur’s blog describing ” Why The Pricebaba Offline Model Failed? ” gave me insight about approaching same problem with different solution at

Every individual is unique, a failure for one is a starting point for another.

The culture of start-up is great & stand-up is even amazing. For those who are not friendly with the term “stand-up” must watch out some stand-up comedy shows soon. Surely you will find some great experienced corporate leaders, investment bankers, successfully divorced & more interesting millennial stars who just paused one day & stood strong to do what they enjoy. I see more failed personalities in this category doing amazingly great. Read it carefully its failed & not dead.

Entrepreneurs’ Love

These full of life people are reasons to spread smile. Indeed we buy happiness now a days on under stand-up comedy section. First lesson of entrepreneurship is love what you do & passion is fuel for driving your love.

Yes, Entrepreneurship is hard and tough.

There may be numerous expectation from entrepreneurship & that’s all good. They are; free souls looking for freedom, responsible stars looking to delegate responsibilities & crazy travellers looking for more travel buddies.

Successful examples from west can give us a clear evidence that entrepreneurs who made it big; became the valuable assets for their country in terms of generating employments, revenue & prosperity. I am inspired with Dell, Amazon & many more who were supported by their Government programs & are today leading the world.

Anna Poorna  – Giver of food / she who has a lot of food to give.

A complement for entrepreneurs as Anna Poorna is the highest degree of honour. It is a Sanskrit origin word which denotes to Goddess Anna Poorna. Industry much do such awards to motivate & promote constructive culture.

Start-up Sex

In order to reproduce more start-ups, we have increased the probability of more failed & aborted deliveries. Again that’s all fine as the fuel of passion is highly inflammable resource.

In January 2016 when Mr. Narendra Modi launched #StartUpIndia campaign, we all felt great because now start-ups got a new logo to include in Pitch Decks. It is like start-up entrepreneur having a girlfriend & changing the  status to “Engaged”. As any relationship demands time & mind share so #StartUpIndia also demands same.

So leave the fear of failing & get started. I have improvised the quote of Thomas Edison “I have learned fifty thousand ways it cannot be done and therefore I am fifty thousand times nearer the final successful start-up.'” It is tough to fail & face its consequences but if we fail, are we able to stand up again? There are numerous failures & respective shutdowns in past which exists in every category.

A big question for every entrepreneur –  “How many times you have spent time in learning from a failed start-ups in your category?” PepperTap , TinyOwl, Intelligent Interfaces, Fashionara, FranklyMe, Flipkart Nearby & more are learnt while writing this article.

As a good Hindi saying, if few ships get drowned that doesn’t kill the ocean.

Vision & Mission – Dhokha  

Dhokha  is hindi origin word meaning Cheating. The philosophy of cheating says that first you cheat yourself & then you cheat the relationship.

Snapdeal once valued at billions of dollars is being offered recently a 300 Mn USD bid by Flipkart for buyout.

It feels like Flipkart wants to have a one night stand with Snapdeal at that price.

The start-ups like Flipkart, Snapdeal & many more need to think that; are we on a Mauryan War, where your decisions of layoff are just an act of sword which could kill the families of many & it’s not the death of them. Remember it’s the the death of Empires who forget to create a value system.


There is no concept of getting into a relationship without a commitment. Such relationships will only build half pregnancy. it’s the time for start-up entrepreneurs to focus on the value creation in available conditions. As your act of today is fate of future ! #ThinkBig

Best Regards,

Yogesh Huja, Founder & CEO of Freedom.Desi

PS: This article is purely based on author’s findings & opinions in start-up industry & is not intended to disrespect or harm the sentiments of those who made the effort of at least starting something.