The ultimate way to feel love is express it. It was Sunday & Valentine Day, we all family members thought of going out. The journey started from Gurgaon to Mughal Gardens but unfortunately we missed the entry time and felt disappointed at the Gate No.35 on North Avenue, Delhi. The traffic police asked us to move from entry gate & the most difficult question where to go? to enjoy & have fun.

We were hungry & I thought to move towards Pandara Road to enjoy some Food. Oops a waiting of an hour at 4:00 PM on Sunday. We hand some Falooda Kulfi & Firni at Krishna’s & moved to Khan Market for the amazing Pakode Wala.

The mood started building & we came back from disappointment to revival. The dear Valentine wanted to visit Dilli Haat & we started drifting towards Dilli Haat with literally no clue about what to do there?

The Shopping was still to happen & we entered around 6:30 PM at Dilli Haat. To get comfortable parking we made an entry from INA back side. There was a cultural program from Sahitya Kala Parishad which was about to start.

We thought of enjoying as the colorfully dressed artists caught the attention of ours. It started with various traditional, Haryanvi & Rajasthani performances. It took a high with the performance of Suresh Vyas a masterpiece performer. Have a look over the banner of this post & you will get some feeler. In 30-45 minutes we were charged back.

This was the right high to shop now. There was an interest that got created. For lot of my friends overseas, Dilli Haat was established to provide a platform to craftsmen all over the country who were otherwise limited to their villages & towns. The purpose was to get rid of the middlemen and let artisan sell their products directly to Indian & foreign buyers. There are fixed stalls representing many states. You can also relish variety of cuisines & enjoy the performing arts from different states of the country.

We went from one shop to another picked up various handicrafts. We liked one craft work but it was costly to our mind. Since the artist had to go tomorrow & it was his last day at Dilli Haat he offered us an discount. We said yes & even didn’t negotiate much as it was a lot of passion of artist in creating such great stuff.

The whole shopping experience triggered me the essence of empowering retailers to have visibility , communicate better & connect with the potential shoppers for long. The idea of  App – A Signal to Shop! is now getting much stronger. The Made in India app is the way to give strength to offline retail and establish a connect over internet highway.

All thanks to great performers Mr. Suresh Vyas & team for bringing us back in shopping mood & making the day worth it. It is difficult to get such coincidence of great experience to happen so better we have an ecosystem that empowers freedom to connect between shoppers & retailers.


Yogesh Huja, Founder
Freedom Smart Labs Pvt Ltd
An Internet of Things Innovation Company