As the world was welcoming 2020, but before the celebrations were over, a natural catastrophe began to engulf the world. It’s changed the way we interact with one another; it’s changed the way our lifestyle was, and it’s changed businesses also.

But Technology, in this sense, provides the possibility for organizations to establish an automated relationship with the customer and provide the best customer experiences. Integrating automated services is one way to respond to this challenge. This is how most companies see it.  Sectors from retail, healthcare, to banking all turned to chatbots to help meet the needs of customers. These virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence technology account for many benefits for both consumers and businesses alike. However, simply installing a chatbot isn’t enough.

Retailers need to have a thoughtful chatbot strategy if they want it to be a successful customer service tool.

WhatsApp Chatbot is the best and a first-of-its-kind chatbot entered the market when SMS texts were costly and limited giving people just what they needed. It dominates the global messaging landscape in terms of the number of active users, this is the best marketing tool for retailers for a contact-free service amidst the Pandemic world.

The WhatsApp chatbot platform is designed in such a way that it is integrable with CRM, ERP, and various other business systems and enables seamless communication between businesses and customers. WhatsApp eCommerce integration can help you in many possible ways You will have this question that why you even need to implement a WhatsApp chatbot for eCommerce in the first place!

Unite the In-Store Experience and Digitalization

The future of retail will be a hybrid of physical and digital. With Whatsapp chatbot, you can link the digital and in-store experience, Customers can use WhatsApp chatbot to book personal shopping time with a sale assistant, organize collection time, customers can enquire about proper visiting time this gives a safer shopping experience for them. And thus provides a more personalized one-to-one experience and increase the value of visiting a physical store.

Excellent Customer Acquisition

Acquisitions are essential to growing your business and setting yourself in the marketplace.

Chatbot technology is developing as the next big thing that will transform the sales force. So Whatsapp chatbots allow you to engage customers with your brand through the ease of use, unique support, and on-demand access to information. This acts as a powerful CTA in order to bring your customers actively on your platform and can be interacted easily.

Increase Sales

With WhatsApp chatbot, you can engage with new customers and personalize the overall sales cycle. You can engage with the users conversationally by offering discounts on the products they will be interested in

This will generate interest in your customer’s mind and will continue to complete the purchase process thereby becoming your full-time customers. You can also avail vouchers or special features on successful purchase completion that will influence them to continue their shopping in the chatbot itself.

Source: BotsNext

If you fly KLM, you can engage the KLM WhatsApp Chatbot to get the flight and booking information. This can be useful if, for example, you already have WhatsApp open on your phone and you need to check which terminal your flight leaves from. The bot can also notify you of flight delays or connect you with a human agent if you’ve got a question it can’t answer. Also, Lost your boarding pass after leaving the security checkpoint? Ask the bot to send it straight to your phone. You’ll receive a link to the QR code, just like you would via email.

Best Product Suggestion And Guides

Product recommenders are growing ever so important as users demand personalized products and instant care. They are not just about analyzing shopper behavior but also about influencing them to come and buy again.

The WhatsApp chatbot can provide better images, gifs or videos of the products and provide a mobile-responsive URL to complete the purchase of the product.

This is an interesting way to personalize the interaction and further improve the performance based on user inputs. WhatsApp chatbots perform as a better product guide where it can answer in detail about the products at a fast pace. The better part, it happens in a platform where the user can get much-segregated details as per the requirement and the performance will be quick and much more stable than any web or mobile app.

How does Nykaa interact and communicates with its millions of users daily? Using an automated Whatsapp Chatbot!

Nykaa has created a stronghold in the e-commerce industry by providing a one-stop solution – a WhatsApp Chatbot with a comprehensive selection of makeup, skincare, haircare, fragrances, bath and body, luxury, and wellness products for women and men alike.

Transaction Confirmations, Invoices & Notifications

Having all the necessary information like payment notifications, billing invoices, and other product-related details will be sent to the user’s WhatsApp number that really makes it easier for them to get all the details regarding their product at any time under a single platform.

With WhatsApp’s end-to-end encryption, you can send crucial sensitive information to customers instantly and securely without having to worry that the message ends up in the spam folder when sent by email.

Hence, you can be sure your clients are up-to-date and their personal information is protected.

Wrap Things Up….

WhatsApp chatbots are — by all standards — essential tools to edge over today’s competitive market scenario that centers around the need to be at the right place, at the right time and attend customers as they prefer to be attended.

We encourage you to talk with us to explore WhatsApp chatbots and how they have helped businesses navigate the Covid-19 pandemic. And also examine their use in the retail sector, and identify key success factors that should consider when implementing a chatbot in your organization with