Purchasing has five phases that is, searching, discovery, ordering, payment, and delivery. Offline retailers lose customers during the first two stages. This trend can be changed. Smartphones have features like geo-fencing capabilities that help us interact with the world around us with much ease. Besides the phone, there are other consumer-based technologies which are designed and can supplement the services given by offline retailers if used strategically.

Online retailers have an advantage over offline retailers because clients easily discovered their commodities. For online retailers, less time is taken between the discovery stage and the final stage, delivery. The faster the clients discover the commodities, the more the chances that the transaction will take place.

Offline retailers often struggle to get their commodities discovered. Professor Scott Galloway, a marketing expert once commented that offline retailers have a problem of “content to commerce” to deal with.

In the recent past, integration with social shopping discovery applications such as Freedom.desi has made technology to be more democratized. The time has come to take a step forward and link mobile technology with the social discovery platforms. Social discovery application linked with mobile app is a perfect move. As campaigned we call “Future Is Now.

If further integrated using Internet of Things (IoT) with hyper local discovery application for offline retailers, there will be a sudden open up of a lot of content. Expert reviews, new products, user’s reviews, limited time offers and daily deals will be broadcasted live from the stores by both consumers and retailers.

Offline retailers have one advantage over online retailers, the ease of delivery of the commodities. This is due to their proximity to the customers. Offline retailers and on-demand delivery startups have a symbiotic kind of relationship. They have to partner in order to make the most out of the market.

On-demand delivery startups have to take the next step, integrating their API to offline retailers. Integrations create a unified experience across the purchasing funnel.

Finally, offline retailers should know that it is their time to embrace the pocket-friendly consumer technologies that make every stage of buying engaging and efficient. Are you looking to experiment one , just give a missed call on  +91-8882300500 or Discover Your Future at www.futureisnow.in

Yogesh Huja, Founder
Freedom Smart Labs Ltd