Artificial Intelligence has dramatically improved the world in many ways. There are significant and notable transformations regarding the role AI plays in the field of workforce and employment.

Artificial intelligence is great boon to the modern workforce in the industries, for it handles repetitive and mundane tasks across different functions, freeing up people in departments like marketing, IT and HR. Resultantly, the humans are able to exercise their creative skills, solve complicated problems and pay attention on getting more impactful work done. In simple words, AI facilitates modern knowledge humans to focus on efficient and engaging part of the job, thereby making the organizations more effective and productive.

In you work in any corporate function then you might be aware that filing the open positions is one job which is frustrating, expensive and time-consuming. It is one of the fields where artificial intelligence is making prominent impact. Hiring managers, recruiters, HR departments are exploiting this advantage of varied types of AI powered functions and tools to streamline the hiring/employment process.

Artificial intelligence currently is essaying an ever-growing role in today’s lives, therefore it should be of no surprise to anyone that it is transforming the workplace functions, feels and looks across the industry. Let us see how AI is effectively playing the role of employment in any company:Recruitment and Onboarding: From shortlisting the candidates to getting them onboard, AI plays a significant role. It starts from resume review to pushing the candidate through entire recruitment process like scheduling interview, collecting feedbacks, providing organizational overview, sending reminder for reporting etc. Besides recruitment, AI also helps in onboarding, ie welcoming the candidate to the organization. Just imagine how would it feel when the new hire walks to his work station and finds a laptop with apps containing company overview, reporting authority, his team members and tasks for first week. All looks sorted right? These creative ideas are evolved through AI.

Automating repetitive task: Physical presence no doubt is a great challenge that confronts the HR managers. Application of artificial intelligence backed tools increases the efficiency of admin related tasks, which need to be performed regularly. All this unshackles the HR from mundane jobs and facilitates them with time to focus on more strategic and productive work that has interpersonal approach.

People analytics and reporting: The strength to leverage big data allows the potential to track an employee’s overall performance, his/her mood over time, employee activities like browser history, time taken to perform a particular job etc. In fact, AI can create employee reports, which can be used by the management for corrective action. Such programs are generally aimed to help organization retain their employees.

Learning and development: Generally, HR and managers lead the skill and learning programs, but AI can be used to support such programs. Eg, introduce different game-based programs to help the employees strengthen their key skills. Now days the learning and development have self-service domains, allowing the employees to learn real time and not to wait for classroom sessions.

Artificial intelligence has been influencing the humans lives for decades and in organization its disruptive emergence can certainly be tracked back to just few years. After spending significant money in this domain, AI has started pouring in thereby developing many revolutionary products. As we all move forward, it is imperative to see that major AI influential changes have helped the HR transform its process, automating it for the betterment of the employees and the company.

Besides the corporate function, there are other departments, where AI plays significant role. Sectors like transportation, electronic commerce, financial services, insurance, etc can leverage greatly from AI. Jobs will soon see an enrichment and elevation by artificial intelligence, but the best jobs shall be created when AI is employed to offer supreme services and products to the customers.Therefore, get ready for solid framework to dodge the unhinged absorption of technology influence and control.