Internet of things infuses regular life across the globe.From appliances to smart television, IoT facilitates the companies with an opportunity to learn on customer’s behavior, spending habits and more. Embracing of IoT enabled devices is specifically profitable to the supply chain and manufacturing operations which manage large quantities of assets and complicated distribution processes. This technology promises to augment profitability, productivity and productivity by streamlining the decision-making and redefining interaction of machines and people with each other.

Internet of things goes beyond the private and public sector. It has made its way in myriad of implications and advantages for armed force’s supply chain and logistic management. The connected devices in armed forces promise revolutionizing the modern warfare, by exploiting automation, analytics and big data. All this assures enhanced lethality and survivability for our armed forces, while increasing efficiency and reducing cost.

The military of any country is hidden treasure, working day and night without any motive, keeping their life at stake to protect the nation and its citizens. They need to be armed with latest technology weapons to fight at the battleground. They certainly should be equipped with arms of advanced technology which leverage constant improvement to edge out the enemies. At present our defense system needs high connectivity to get access to real time information to have precise situational awareness. This is possible with Internet of things which can make our soldiers effective, efficient and powerful.

”Why not dig deeper on how exponentially augmented adoption of IoT will empower our armed forces.”

1. Access to precise situational awareness at battleground: Surveying the battleground much before helps the forces in taking precise decisions on right time. This will help the forces have knowledge about the landscape in advance, even when they have not been there. This assessment is possible only with the help of manned or unmanned aerial vehicles that have attached sensors which senses the data and send to command center on right time.

2. Proactive equipment maintenance:  It is important to regularly maintain the military vehicles for security purpose. At times, sudden failure or breakage can prove fatal on the ground. If the military knew about unanticipated part failure and replacement in their vehicles, it would be great. Real time predictive maintenance is possible with internet of things only. The sensors installed in such vehicles regularly monitor and measure engine performance, report or alert the command center to facilitate on time ordering of parts, thereby optimizing the supply chain.

3. Screen warfighter’s health:  The government ensures that best healthcare facilities are offered to our armed forces, but this is possible only when they are aware of the soldier’s health status on real time. Wouldn’t it be great if the soldiers know of the unanticipated health changes so that safety measures are adopted in advance? You will be surprised to know that their clothes and wearables have sensors attached to them, that sense and transfer data to center, alerting them on any alteration in medical condition. Doctors get details about injured soldier’s injury and its severity via sensors much before they are shifted to the hospital. This helps the surgeon be well equipped with medicines and equipment in advance.

4. Training and development:  Embracing internet of things technology makes it easy for the trainers to train the armed forces virtually without being on the ground. Here are hoot houses well equipped with acoustic sensors, motion sensors, cameras that screen the armed forces during training exercises and transmit this data to trainers who further plan the training modules for the soldiers. Using IoT, simulated training through Multiple Laser Engagement System is feasible too.

Besides all this, IoT also helps in efficient inventory management and real time fleet management etc.

In this era of advanced technology, acknowledging the advantages of tested and proven internet of things applications, the armed forces can precisely monetize the strengths and intelligence of defense system. The solution facilitates ideal management of huge quantities of assets, brings in exemplary coordination amongst the complicated process and builds network for better connectivity in armed forces.

So, are we ready to drive this revolutionary transformation and reap benefits with internet of things investment? Embrace economical IoT and let’s save huge bucks while empower our armed forces with advanced tools and weapons.