Did you know that AI chatbots answer 30% of your questions before you even reach a human customer care representative?Automation services are picking up its fastest pace by offering users exactly what they need. With cutting edge systems powered by artificial intelligence, you can now book a doctor’s appointment, a hotel room, or a movie ticket, order a pizza, or book a restaurant reservation in just a few clicks. The customer care service industry has gained revolutionary momentum especially due to deployment of Artificial Intelligence– a hurricane in the field of information technology that is taking the tech-savvy businesses in its strong grip.

 Let me draw some light on the  technical aspects:

 A chatbot is an AI embedded software that has the potential to stimulate a conversation with the customers in a language natural to humans and in different mediums of communication such as telephone, mobile application, website, or messaging applications. With the revolution in 21st Century technology, chatbots have become promising expressions of conversation between machines and humans. If chatbots are to be viewed from a technology point, then this innovation represents a natural evolution of answering a question by leveraging NLP ie. Natural Language Processing.

A Chatbot has 2 fundamental tasks:

Analysis of the user’s request: This is the principal task of the chatbot. It scrutinizes the request raised by the user to recognize the user intent and eventually abstracts relevant entities.

Responding to the user’s request: Once chatbot recognizes the user’s intent, it automatically draws relevant information from its database to provide a proximate solution.

Round the clock, Automated Customer Interaction is now a Reality!

Businesses are frequently interacting with their customers through chatbots to improve loyalty programs, after-sales support, customer acquisition, product knowledge, brand awareness etc. If market gurus were to be trusted then, by 2020, more than eighty percent of customer service shall be taken over by
AI chatbot without involving human Interaction.

 I personally believe that customers are the biggest brand ambassadors. It is your service that makes them loyal to the brand. AI-enabled chatbots have the capability of building a strong customer base that can satisfy and enrich their journey with you.