A Story of 6807 KMs Across India in 10 Days…

It was 29th January 2016, we all friends were going on to one of our friend’s marriage & were enjoying the company of each other in a massive traffic jam on NH-8. I was driving & heard Gayatri Vohra our rock built woman speaking her thoughtfulness of going on a 6000 Kms drive on 3rd March 2016.

One statement & a clear approach towards her passion. It was not surprising as Gayatri has done quite a lot in past to justify such initiatives. It gave me a purpose of creating some value for her & amplifying the message that Gayatri had in her mind. The message of Safe India & Beautiful India.

In the words of Gayatri “Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely, in a pretty well preserved body, but to skid in sideways in a cloud of smoke, chocolate in one hand, wine in the other , body totally used up , completely worn out , screaming “Holy Shit !! What a ride!!”

I promised Gayatri that this drive will be a memorable one for you. Her preparations were on & I got a purpose on my end. We all must first learn to break our barriers & pursue passions. This time it was challenging & motivational as Gayatri had planned to drive 6000 Kms in 10 Days. If she makes up to it then another record is set to happen by a Solo Woman Driver.

I and my buddies took up the task of building a digital presence for Gayatri Vohra & we started small with facebook page branding https://www.facebook.com/indiaonmywheels/  & moved on to building a website to connect supporters at www.freedomdrive.in . Very soon we got a great support from GudGaon.com, LetsLeh.com, Viktorianz.com, The Bikers Café and of course Freedom Smart Labs Ltd. From the connects of Gayatri we had HVK – the Human GPS who was a great support throughout this journey.

The Big Day came and as usual the punctual Gayatri Vohra along with Navigator Ravneet Arora were geared up at morning 5:30 AM. The resident of Omaxe Nile & Freedom Team gave a flag off at 6:00 AM.

The journey started & the real picture of life began. I have felt quite connected to the cause. The entire journey experience day by day is on facebook page, yesterday both daring SHERNIs have reached back safely in record time doing 807 kms extra to their goal. We all gave a warm welcome at 11:00 PM with bottles of Champaign drooling over the Black Beast Scorpio & SHERNIs. I saw a great sense of achievement in a man behind this entire story named Mr.Ajit Vohra and we call him Vohra Sahab and FYI – He is husband of Gayatri. He gave a comfortable hug to Gayatri and as a camera man I was feeling so great to have such lively people around me.

The learnings I made with this 10 days of great journey:

  1. Have a purpose & give your 100%
  2. Show your passion & share it with world
  3. Live your life as if you want to get inspired from it
  4. Stretch yourself to know your best & beat yourself
  5. Find your energy sources viz What motivates you & gives you strength

The journey of 6807 kms has come to an end and a new journey has started for all of us.  A special thanks to all who were connected with this Freedom Drive. Before I end up a question for you: “Have You Broken Your Barriers of Living Life?” If yes then we are looking for you & do connect with us on www.freedomdrive.in or just hit on comments section below.

Yogesh Huja
Freedom Smart Labs Ltd