In-store promotions such as promotional displays have proven to be effective ways to improve sales. They are set up in locations that are convenient to customers and thus grab their attention. People counters are sometimes used to effectively test the effectiveness of in-store promotion methods like promotional displays. Explained below are a few ways in which people counters can be used to enhance in-store management.

Determining sales conversion rates of promoted products

Comparing date and time stamped people counting data with date and time stamped POS data can help retailers determine the number of customers who made promotional purchases. Such information can effectively be used to determine the sales conversion rates of the products that were promoted.

Determining the most compelling display layout

Picking the display location is one thing but deciding on the display layout could make the difference between an effective display campaigns. Strategy and creativity are important to impress the customers hence the importance of people counters who will help you choose the most compelling display layout. Start with a display, say A, and measure the people count data for a few days then switch to another display layout, say B. Compare the data for both displays and see which layout proves more compelling. While this is an effective way of determining which displays are more compelling, it’s important that you remember to do it with control over some factors. For instance, test both displays on the same days of the week because sales may vary on different days of the week. Other factors to consider that can affect foot traffic include weather conditions on the testing days, national holidays the days leading to certain religious or national holidays.

Discovering the most effective display location

Determining which display location will prove most effect will require retail store owners to determine the areas of the store that have the most foot traffic. To do so, set up several displays in the store and use people technology to determine the number of people that walk by each display. This will effectively help you to not only determine the areas with the highest foot traffic, but also determine the areas that contribute to highest sales. Location is one of the most important factors when it comes to in-store promotions and people counters are an effective way of helping you determine the location that garners more sales.

Store owners who are looking to improve the effectiveness of promotional displays should consider people counters. The data collected with people counters also helps in-store management to make better decisions in regard to business promotions.

Yogesh Huja, Founder
Freedom Smart Labs Pvt Ltd
An Internet of Things Innovation Company