Chatbots are experiencing a lot of buzzes these days with good reasons. You see them in abundance in Facebook Messenger, private sectors or even in public sectors. What might be the reason for this sudden wave in chatbots? Why are they getting so popular in businesses?

Chatbots are one of the most exciting business opportunities of the digital age, transforming customer experiences in the here and now. Breakthroughs in machine learning, natural language processing and voice recognition software mean that many businesses are already creating effective chat experiences for their customers.

Currently,one of the main potentials of chatbots is their ease of use and that they’re platform agnostic, meaning that they can be deployed in whatever platform the target group to which they’re directed prefers.

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Hiring bots will be bring biggest revolution in 2020 World Wide.

Symantec is an American software company based in Mountain View, California, offering security, storage, and systems management solutions that assist consumers to secure and manage their information.Symantec chose Automation Anywhere as their automation partner due to their platform’s user-friendliness, system agnosticism, and their enterprise-grade security grade. The company implemented Automation Anywhere RPA and AI-powered IQ Bot to automate their order management process.

Ravi Konda, Sr. Manager, IT Automation, Symantec – “It just took 3 weeks for small and medium-sized processes to be automated. The heaviest processes took only 9 weeks. The results were delivered fast, giving us the opportunity to assess the fast pace. ”

4,500 hours saved in less than a year; 20% increase in auto booking of renewals; 25 processes automated, and 40 bots deployed.Call centres or more recently live-chat agents conversing via messenger are an essential part of customer service, but they can also be expensive and notoriously difficult to streamline. Maintaining high standards of training with a headcount sufficient to keep up with customer volume is a constant cost to your business.

Chatbots’ cost-cutting capabilities have been well reported throughout the business world, with UK digital research firm Juniper Research releasing a report predicting: Cost savings of $8 billion annually by 2022 through the deployment of chatbots.

Chatbots have the potential to drastically reduce your call volume by answering many simpler customer queries quickly, without the need for human intervention.

Chatbots are also capable of dealing with multiple customers simultaneously, taking a huge weight off your call centre staff. This gives you the ability to cut labour costs by automating processes and giving existing staff more time to deal with the trickier calls that require a human presence.

Sometimes it is difficult for customers to choose what to buy. This is why they seek advice. Consumers are interested in receiving chatbot recommendations and chatbots are good at providing this information. They don’t offer reams of irrelevant product recommendations, rather they analyze data associated with each specific customer and render relevant choices on the back of it.

Chatbots don’t just provide support assistance and product recommendations, they also sell, developing to such a degree that they can now hold payment options.

The cosmetic brand Sephora has implemented a chatbot in partnership with Kik messaging application. Customers get in touch with Sephora through their chatbot and ask for recommendations for makeup or request product reviews based on their needs. The chatbot recommends selected products and also sends them videos.

Average CTR for display ads is at an all-time low of .35%. Considering this, Emirates Vacations created a chatbot within their display ads. The company targets different visuals and bot sequences based on the page someone’s browsing. Engagement rates rose 87% since deployment in 2018.

Your live chat support staff need sleep — but your chatbot doesn’t.

Customers’ needs often arise outside of business hours, so they need a way to seek out answers to vital questions at times when customers service staff members are unavailable. Chatbots offer customers the opportunity to get answers to their questions at any time, so they don’t have to wait for a response from a voicemail or email message. The best chatbots can also offer the customer the feeling of conversing with a live operator at any time.

Customers love this smooth interaction and want transactions to be as simple as possible.

Ever wonder what it would be like to talk to Albert Einstein? Well, now you can. To help promote their new show Genius, National Geographic created a conversational chatbot who spoke like Einstein would. While most companies’ blast promos into your chat window, they used Einstein bot to follow users conversation and reply with information about the show and other interesting bits.

The result? 6-8 minute average conversations, 11 turns per conversation, 50% user re-engagement and an involved community of followers.

What You Can Do Right Now?
There’s no denying that chatbots are on their way to becoming a dominating technology trend  in customer service and beyond. Don’t stay behind and get in touch with the team of experts to create a chatbot for your business and stay ahead of the curve.

 Chatbots can help you amplify your marketing efforts by making your marketing more direct and personalized. You can also improve your customer experience by giving them solutions quickly with the help of chatbots. Additionally, chatbots can reduce your operational expenses and even drive more conversions.