As customers increasingly use mobile technology for merely everything, retailers are hard-pressed to create convenient shopping platforms that allow customers to shop when and how they please. It means creating mobile technologies that enable customers to view in-store inventory line, purchase items online and pick up in-store.

As such, the use of customer-centric commerce (designing a business with more focus on customers rather than sales channels) has become invaluable. If done correctly, the strategy increases not only sales but also customer loyalty. A customer-centric approach to commerce creates a platform for retailers to respond promptly to their customers while getting a deeper understanding of each of their clients’ needs.

Retailers have to incorporate apps such as Freedom in their day-to-day activities that create an incredible shopping experience at malls and stores right from the comfort of your smartphone.

Freedom app allows shoppers to enjoy a quick and easy shopper experience. You only need to Install the Freedom app and begin to shop. The app enables users to:

  • Check all shopping malls and arcades around their locality.
  • Check out all the trending offers in the shopping malls.
  • Look out for their favorite apparel stores and enjoy any discounts on offer.
  • Receive instant discount codes by showing interest in an offer.
  • Sort out various searches by category.

With Freedom App, retailers can now integrate the physical shopping experience with location-based in-app mobile advertising. This way, retailers enjoy the following benefits:

  • Increased engagement with their customers
  • Increased product and brand awareness.
  • Quickly develop a new retail revenue platform.
  • Create a more personalized experience for shoppers that is convenient and relevant.

As mentioned earlier, customer-centric commerce is centered around the customer and his needs and Freedom App comes to help retailers to meet these requirements by:

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  • Maintaining an all-around customer approach: we live in a world where consumers demand that companies understand their needs and meet them efficiently. They no longer settle for half-arced services.
  • The Freedom App allows retailers to gain a comprehensive insight into customers’ expectations, behavior, product preferences and efficiently meet them.
  • Helping customers make intelligent buying decisions: some products are not always available in their choice locations. But, with Freedom App, they get to know where to get it and the cost thus making informed buying decisions.

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Yogesh Huja, Founder
Freedom Smart Labs Ltd