With every passing day of lockdown the mind is experiencing a full swing of travel in all directions. At times it looks like a Bio War on selected countries & very next moment the mind takes a pause… that humans can’t do that …

WoW #Corona what are you doing ?
Everyone is FULL of… Half Knowledge, Family Time, Panic & Uncertainty.

A sneeze in corridor looks like as someone has placed a time ticking bomb. The economic pain is surely felt by all, some might get affected soon & some will follow the pursuit. For those business models who’s revenue depends on daily operations viz hotels, restaurants, retailers & other important pillars of economy might cease to existence. 

Though it is a common flu but the global messaging declares it pandemic. These words can draw a lot of contradiction & conflict is good. Who’s the beneficiary & who’s the looser might not fit right today but there will be one. The Darwin’s “Survival of Fittest” will prevail.

If you compare this COVID threat to a weapon of ancient time, you may consider an arrow with venom on top. First time for sure every warrior would have took a pause in battle field as they didn’t knew how to protect themselves from the weapon. Sooner or later with discovery of protection shields the warriors went back to same battlefield.

Without an antidote , the custodians of world are asking to EMPTY…Roads, Airports, Offices & lockdown countries.

Corona crisis is similar & the world is at work finding the right protection shield.

Don’t worry too much it is the experiential journey of life & with every crisis the human race have explored enormous opportunities. You have time on your hand today, think about other Global Crisis on the way that needs our attention.

Everyone is appealing to wash hands but when i read my friend’s post on water crisis it alarms me of next crisis on the way.

In last 100 years we have seen enormous amount of growth in every aspect of life when compared to last 5000 years or more. Indeed last 20 years were more disruptive with categorisation of thinking by millennials, boomers, centennials & what not.

Whether to buy a car or take an UBER ?Stay in a 5 star hotel or pickup AIRBNB. These multi billion dollar startups are on their knees. Still not to worry either they or someone else will take their place. This is an economic dent but tagged along with trust deficit.

How will we fill the trust deficit ?

International travel will not be the same again ! Business trades will be seen with suspicious lens of virus infection. Globalisation will loose its meaning & I am sure more thoughts will come as the time will pass.

The sunny side of this crisis is healing of mother earth

Ozone layer to clean air to amazing family time. A boomer is locked with family & upgrading the grannies to ultra modern skills. My dad started doing online Yoga sessions & with few days of effort he is looking a new approach towards life.

The nature is smiling again , so you reciprocate same & take a deep breath in isolation. It is most important gift that came to you in crisis & completely in our control, let the experts work hard to find your protective shield. The warriors will be back soon in battlefield…

Until then keep the humanity alive…

**** Update – 30th Mar 2020 ****

The global pandemic starting from China in Jan 2020 to European Union in Feb 2020 has travelled to USA in Mar 2020. India stands at fighting stage as we are about to kick start Apr 2020. This battle against COVID-19 has to be fought by every human on this earth. Whether you isolate or find a vaccine , all it is taking everyday is our economic pace. Its not something that can’t be recovered so not to worry.

My good read on Boston Consulting Group’s Analysis gave me a comprehensive approach to look at 3 years roadmap. This was a slide from Impact on Automotive Industry & I feel the framework of recovery will largely be same.

I have marked some red – yellow – green focus pointers. Do share what comes to your mind for a business revival approach?

Until then Stay Home Stay Safe

Let’s not miss fun element in all times , crisis is building abundance of opportunities. The big question has been addressed in tough time.

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