On 30th July 2016 an advertisement of Flipkart in Hindustan Times caught my attention which had communication of Flipkart Fashion Sale from 30-31st July , so indeed time to?#?shop? . On 08th Aug 2016 again a big advt of Amazon caught my attention.

Indeed both the advt was pretty clear with offer statement on various brands which are also available in ?#?Malls? & Markets nearby. When 90% of the retail happens offline , this advt still creates a traction among consumers to do ?#?showrooming? ( which means checkout latest stuff , try at store & then come back to buy online ) . The retailers & store managers sitting ideal without sales is no good feeling & they await as some Robin Hood will come to save them & ?#?BringBackRetail?.




Indeed everyone needs to have ?????? ?? ????? & we call it Freedom to Shop whether online or offline. When online is doing all its best efforts in understanding every click & sales from its customers, at the same moment the store manager is getting more frustrated as they are fighting the war without weapons. The store manager doesn’t even know the name of customer who concludes the sale.


This is the time to build Freedom for Every Retail Touch Point Spl Mention :Retailers Association of India to awaken up community an then an advt which is embedded in this post will make a worthiness to bring online & offline at equality.

We foresee the Future Is Now & Offline Retail needs it to be done right way. This writeup & creative is done to represent the idea & product of Freedom.desi which is currently operational in Delhi & NCR & you can experience in few top malls & markets including Select CITYWALK, New Delhi, DLF Emporio, India’s finest luxury retail destination, Ambience Mall, Gurgaon & many more.



Just download the app currently on Android Play Store & share your experience & feedbacks. We will be happy to listen & release this advt very soon. 🙂https://goo.gl/FPpOi1

Yogesh Huja
Founder & CEO
Freedom Smart Labs Ltd