Here is a short interaction of Freedom Desi (FD) team with father & son running a flooring store in a mall, not to miss well established from 2 generations & they were concerned about their future retail strategy….This gives a great insight of current needs of retail & retailers. Also a great learning of Gen X & Gen Y.

Gen X (Father) : I have established something over ages & I want my son to take it forward. So how should we increase our sales with the help of Digital Media?

FD Team : Sales is direct relation of footfall, hence for generating more sales we need more real footfall for a your flooring store. Today your eye catching displays have a limited reach to an outside traffic but same content can be pushed to digital media & hence driving smart shopper to your store.

Gen X ( Father): I want my credibility & reputation that I built over years to be taken forward by my son.

FD Team : We are happy that you gave your soul for building such great business & can I have your customers contact to strategies a marketing plan for you.

Gen X ( Father): All I have is relationship & rest few phone numbers in this phone.

Me (Founder): I knew this was about to come my way. With a smile my team explained following….

FD Team : We need to work on basics of marketing as we were doing it since ages. Consider it as when you started this shop. From setting up your shop , to building your customer base , to ensuring they repeat based on your credibility & you never missed to offer them something special each time they interacted. Lastly you never forgot to pamper them when they transacted.

Now all this took your whole life in setting up something meaningful & profitable. Today the most important & valuable thing is time , your son (Gen Y) is fast & as well your customers are smart.

Me (Founder): Let me explain above in digital marketing context:

  • Setup a store : Ensure your store is decently connected for digital visibility i.e. Google Local Listing, Marketplaces (w.r.t Industry)
  • Build a Customer base: Every footfall count & in offline retail you need to know it well with tools like Contact Management i.e SMS, Email Lists are getting built for visitors & customers.
  • Ensure they Repeat : If you serve your customer well, which is your capability then rest can be managed by engagement tools i.e. Facebook, Twitter, etc
  • Treat them Special : Creating time to time offers targeted to your customer base , use your contact management to promote meaningful content i.e Offers, Deals & discounts.
  • Pamper Them : Every customer loves to be pampered & it may as special as offering a candy to customer or customer’s kid on checkout.

We at Freedom Desi are working to build all of above components into one app & create next big retail platform for the world. We envisage that retailers keep their focus on their relationships & technology works in minimal steps with maximum exposure.

Gen Y ( Son) : How does it work ?

FD Team : You just need to sign up with us at & rest our team will take you through guided journey. Do refer our FAQs – for more Q&A.

Gen X ( Father): Let’s Try ! Last question why Freedom Desi ?

Me (Founder): Uncle , have a satisfactory trial & I will visit you back with why Freedom Desi ….

I have placed this in light of numerous common conversations happening around the world & all this retail needs today is a simple & future ready tool. Do share your feedbacks & we will be progressing with our efforts to build great retail offerings for world. #GoDiscover


Yogesh Huja