At Freedom Smart Labs Ltd we have been working to build an ecosystem which works on Predictive analytics & enhances productivity for retailers. The intricacies of data management and analysis are supposed to be out of the sight of consumers. Shoppers should simply be able to find what they are looking for without having to be gurus of breaking down data.

The App contains inherent practical and prognostic data that business users can conveniently work with for the planning and implementation of promotional campaigns. We did few small tests in Malls of Gurgaon and Delhi & found footfall improvements in results of retail promotions using App. The learnings of same are tabulated by our team as 3 easy ways to improve retail promotions effectiveness.

1. Targeting Offers to the right customers at right location.

Customers generally use numerous channels for looking up, recommending, deliberating on and buying products. You can be able to gain data from this and when you use relevant analytics and deployment methods, you are able to harness the intercommunication with greater applicability. Predictive analysis helps you to determine the next best decision for customers.

The App helps you to put the customer at the center of everything. With this app, you are able to plan and execute various levels of functions that give you greater advantage and help you with serviceability for your clients. The app helps you to be much more responsive in your promotion planning and execution as far as retail promotion planning is concerned.

2. Ecosystem Rankings for Making Decisions.

You make a Google search & trust that first 3 organic searches are most appropriate for you. This is derived from ocean of big data & Google helps in full filling needs of information of its users. Think big with retail ecosystem & how data analysis enables an effective outcome for shoppers.

We work on algorithms which derive Ranks of Malls, its retailers & shoppers. Everyone wants to engage in a meaningful conversation & data makes it possible in the form of Ranks. We are maturing with data & every day the ranking system is becoming more meaningful.

Shoppers become more proactive in buying planning and relevancy rather than waiting until it is either too late or you are caught unawares. At same time retailers are able to determine how much of their shoppers like them, love their products and/or services and when they will need it. Hence retailers can determine how to approach promotional plans and in general, gain insights that enable everyone to make decisions that are prudent.

3. Establish relevance through personalization

A personalized message always brings plus alpha. The process of advanced analytics approach is vital in determining customer segmentation as well as in determining price elasticity. When you have a promotion, instead of basing your prices on what other competitors in your segment are doing, you can base your prices on what customers are actually willing to pay.

This gives you a very huge competitive advantage. Using the science approach, you are also able to rank the promotions that you hold and this helps you to determine their success. Another way the App helps is in making quick and accurate business decisions.


Whether you are a retail chain, mall management or an individual store owner we have built the engine to suit the needs of every player of the game. Finally, the App will help shopper, retailer & facility to enhance relevance because you are able to make decisions based on data & offer the best experience to each other. Mall owners & retailers can signup at & shoppers can experience the app from play store. Give us a missed call at +91-8882300500 to download the Mobile App.

We appreciate your feedback & reviews.


Yogesh Huja, Founder
Freedom Smart Labs Ltd